Preparing for your visit:

New patients should arrive 10 minutes early to fill out registration paper work, if not already completed.

Please bring a list of all prescribed medications, vitamins, and eye drops, including dosages. Bring all insurance cards and bring payment for your co-pay. If you don’t have insurance please be prepared to pay a deposit or discuss your situation with us in advance.

Your eyes will be dilated and you may receive testing or treatments that can blur your vision. Many patients bring a friend or family member to drive them home.

What to expect during your visit:

Your appointment time is the time for you to check in with the receptionist. Unless this is your first visit and you have paperwork to complete, you do not need to arrive early.

A trained ophthalmic technician will collect some information from you, check your vision and eye pressure, and dilate your eyes. The doctor will talk to you and examine your eyes. If you need diagnostic testing on your eyes it may be performed during your visit or scheduled for a later date.

The doctor may recommend treatments or surgical procedures to help you. Some procedures can be performed in the office on the same day for your convenience, or they can be scheduled. Some other treatments and surgeries performed in the operating room are scheduled.

Your evaluation will take approximately 2 hours. Please consider bringing someone to drive you home.

Patient Downloads

Please download and read through these patient documents.

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